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Enhance your sound to the industry’s highest standard with award-winning digital & analog audio engineering services


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How It Works

Mix and master your music to the industry’s highest quality

Our engineers are certified industry professionals with chart-topping credits worldwide

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Select service plan. Submit audio files and track-outs in account dashboard.


Mixing engineers edit & manipulate the sounds to achieve vocal & instrumental harmony.


Mastering engineers enhance the sounds & prepare the audio for distribution.


Quality control engineers perform assurance tests & client revisions.


High quality audio files are bounced to client, ready for release on all major platforms.


All plans include:

Mixing and Mastering
Sonic and dynamic processing
Achieve dynamic loudness
Achieve pristine clarity
Achieve warm punch
Instrument bussing
Gain staging
Buffer sizing
Volume Balance
Space (Panning, Reverb, and Delay)
Volume Automation

Mono and Stereo Output
Tonal balance
Side isolation
Frequency widening and thinning
Peak decibel threshold adjustments
Headroom increases
Correlation metering
Phase signaling
Synth patching
Filtering and compression
Static and dynamic ranging

Embedding ISRC codes.
Sample rate: 44.1 kHz – 48 kHz
Mastering EQ
Bass spacing
Dynamic Plugins & Effects
Loudness (LU) (LUFS) measurement & ranging
Analog filtering and digital compression
Wet and dry bounce exports and track-outs
All major file types included (.wav, .mp3)
Ready for distribution on all major platforms (including Spotify, Apple Music)

× ⚠️ This is not an automated service. This is high-end, human-crafted audio engineering. ⚠️

Why Choose Us

All mix and master services include capabilities to deliver high quality audio


✅ #1 best online mixing and mastering service in the world
✅ The industry standard for release-ready audio
✅ Award-winning service, a golden track record
✅ Rock-solid, release-ready & radio-friendly
✅ Credits on chart-topping hits Globally
✅ Ready to scale at your pace, 1 or 1000 tracks


✅ Made with highest-rated gear on the market
✅ Analog & digital filtering & compression
✅ Trained on the latest industry hardware and software
✅ The most robust plugins and effects library
✅ Handcrafted & tailored, each song is treated like a hit
✅ Human craftsmanship & precision, every track custom
✅ No pre-automated bot composition settings


✅ Best practices & cutting-edge techniques
✅ Fast turnaround keep your release on track
✅ Quality control & assurance testing with every bounce
✅ Message directly with your engineer
✅ Unlimited support to meet quality standards


Company & People

We are audio engineers, music producers, and culture carriers. Our mission is to empower artists to follow their dreams. Our craft is our passion, and it’s a pleasure to share the fruits from this labor of love with you. We strive to offer only the highest quality service with engineers who have the experience, capabilities, and skills to engineer songs that thrill our artists and their audiences over and over again.


Certified Mix headquarters are located in Miami, FL with recording studios in Los Angeles, the Bay Area California, New York, Chicago, Dallas, Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Tampa. Certified Mix engineers are located around the world.


We are equipped with hardware and software from the industries best and most respected brands. Manley ▫️ Avid ▫️ Neve ▫️ Pultec ▫️ API ▫️ Maag ▫️ Universal Audio ▫️ Empirical Labs ▫️ Great Rivers ▫️ Analog Design ▫️ Eventide ▫️ TC Electronics ▫️ Antelope Amari ▫️ Gibson ▫️ Harman Professional ▫️ Shure ▫️ Yamaha ▫️ Fender ▫️ Steinway ▫️ Sennheiser ▫️ Roland

Training & Certification

Certified Mix engineers are trained to demonstrate expertise with industry-standard hardware and software. Certified Mix provides the testing and certification of all engineers through a phased skills assessment, including hardware, software, and audio analysis.

Each engineer participates in exclusive demo sessions to ensure quality assurance, skills, and capability readiness of the highest industry standards. All Certified Mix tracks participate in a rigorous quality assurance process to ensure quality standards are attained for every track.

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We work with world-class engineers to provide high-end engineering services to artists of all genres

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“The best kept secret of artists worldwide… Certified Mix makes music hit!”

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“Affordable, premium, on-demand mixing and mastering for music artists of every genre”

Press & Media

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Achievement and accreditation in association with industry renowned honors and awards


Grammy Nominated


Billboard Gold #1 Records


Platinum Records


American Music Awards


Country Music Association Awards


International Classic Awards


Millions of Records Sold


Millions of Records Streamed


Enhancing the sound of your favorite artists

In songs you know and love, on album covers worldwide

Rich Homie Quan

Rod Wave

DJ Khaled

YFN Lucci

Rick Ross

2 Chains

Fat Joe

Peewee Longway


Jamie Foxx

Da Baby

Mobb Deep

Blac Youngsta


Talib Kweli


Gucci Mane


Mia Martina

Rich Gang


Eddie Griffin

Baby Soulja


What Our Clients Say

Certified Mix engineers make our artists shine. Always on time, and they always deliver top-notch sound!
Regan Mansfield, Label A&R

Certified Mix offers super high quality sound. The engineer was easy going and super attentive and gave me exactly what I was asking for.
Miranda Wright, Artist

The engineer I worked with is awesome. He had a great ear and recommended effects to make my music stand out. This studio is legit. Great experience!
Big Tundra, Artist

Certified Mix always goes above and beyond! No other song engineers come close to these guys. It’s the place to go for everything you need to make your songs pro!
Jacey Lane, Artist

Talented engineers and high end studios, professional vibes with countless hits made often. Always a pleasure when I get to work with this facility. Industry standard quality every time.
South45, Artist

We’ve worked with the Certified Mix team for years, and have completed multiple projects. Highly recommended for anyone who needs to transform their sound to the highest quality in the industry.
Marty Levine, A&R

Certified Mix are the best engineers. This was our first experience making an album and we couldn’t be more pleased. The songs sound amazing and professional.
American Cowboys, Band

Certified Mix did an exceptional job mixing and mastering my music! The professionalism and knowledge of sound are the best I have seen and heard in this city!
Love Doctors, Band

From start to finish, my engineer was accommodating and flexible. If you are looking to take your music to a higher level this is where you want to go. You will not be disappointed!
Paris Lucci, Artist

Certified Mix is a hidden gem to the music industry. There are few places that I know where you get world-class production with world-class genuine care for clients. The engineers provide a A-list quality product.
The Long Shots, Band

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Support FAQ

Beat instrumental track-outs, the vocal track-outs, and any other audio clips that should be included in the track. If you don’t have these files separately, submit what you do have.

Yes, we mix all tracks that are part of the composition. Instrumentals, beats, vocals, and effects may have a multi-track stems track-out.

Plan to receive a completed mix and master within two weeks of submission. Mixing and mastering could all be completed in one day, but a better quality product is produced when sufficient time is available to properly hone & tweak the sound over multiple days.

Day 1: Client submits project
Day 2: Engineer assignment & debrief (file downloads, imports)
Day 3: Mix
Day 4: Hone Mix
Day 5: Master
Day 6: Hone Master
Day 7: Quality Assurance Testing
Day 8: Optimization
Day 9: Deliver to Client 🎁

Day 10: Client submits revisions
Day 11: Edits, Fixes
Day 12: Re-Deliver to Client

You can request as many revisions as you’d like within two weeks of delivery. This usually accommodates about two rounds of revisions per project, depending on the changes requested. The service is designed to require minimal revisions and edits once a project is delivered. We also provide clients the option to allow us to make production decisions to enhance the output of your song, beyond mixing and mastering. You won’t be disappointed with our service.

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